Why have counselling?

 For the duration of the Covid-19 outbreak, I am able to offer video counselling sessions via Zoom which is secure, easy for you to access and as near to face-to-face meeting as we can get.  I have undertaken brief, additional training for this so that I am prepared to meet your needs at this worrying time as best as I can.


Thankfully, there is a greater awareness of mental health issues today than ever before and stigma in seeking support is greatly reduced. But you don't have to be depressed to benefit from counselling. Good mental health is something worth paying attention to and it can help to do this in a therapeutic space.


Today's environment can be stressful in so many ways. We can access and feel overloaded by information and demands coming at us from all directions. We may lose sight of what's important or to blindly follow unhelpful patterns of behaviour in an effort to keep on top of things.



Some degree of stress and anxiety is healthy and motivates us. However, if it escalates and interferes with day-to-day life, it is no longer so useful. For example, we may begin to avoid certain situations meaning that we miss out on other things or begin to feel isolated. We're all human, we need to feel included and have our feelings acknowledged by others. If we feel truly alone, we can experience a sense of emptiness. It's as if we're looking in the mirror and seeing no reflection. Rather than wait until that point is reached, counselling can help you to find your way back.