"I came to counselling feeling 'broken'.  Through speaking and airing things, I found out a lot about myself.  I suppose I hadn't realised that there was a reason behind everything.  The counselling helped me to think about learned behaviour from childhood and how it was influencing me and the situation I had found myself in as an adult.  I decided to change the patterns I had followed all my life.  I know that I've made mistakes but seeing things as I do now, I can choose to be different and build better relationships.  I've learned to talk through my feelings rather than just reacting to them.  I know that I'm OK and feel better able to look after myself to stay this way." 




"I thought it was nice.  I got to share all my feelings and it's nice to talk to someone without anyone else knowing.  When my parents came in [for a session] they didn't know many of these things so it felt good to tell them where I felt safe.  Now, not many people are being mean to me since I've been coming.  I feel free not trapped like I'd got used to.  I like it."


"I liked being able to talk about things and you were friendly.   I didn't like explaining things at the start but I don't feel like that now."


I think it's quite helpful.”


Productive, managed to deal with everything, feel more competent and able.”


Good to have someone to talk to.”


Short but still good and comfortable.”


Talking about loss of home and bereavement helped to understand what was going on.”


It helped a lot. I feel a lot better in myself.”


Good because it's helped me talk to someone and given me the ability not to be afraid to talk when I need to. I feel more confident.”


It's given me help, talking to someone about what happened (not a friend) and it feels I've got it out of myself, not hiding stuff I feel emotional about.”





"I wanted to thank you so much for the work you did with A. After your sessions she has been like a new person around bedtime and the feelings she was experiencing. I know A takes great comfort in knowing that you are there for any future issues life may hold for her. Just as an update, she has taken starting secondary school in her stride and I am sure some of the work you two did together has undoubtably helped in this stage of her life."


Kathryn, I can't thank you enough for the influence you have had on A this year. You have helped her transform from a confused and emotionally unstable girl to a confident, content and settled girl that understands her feelings! Thank you!”


Dear Kathryn, just wanted to say thank you so much for all the help you have given S. He has really enjoyed his peaceful sessions with you and I know he will miss you. You really have helped him with his confidence and feelings. Many thanks.”




A special end of term thank you for the light you bring into the children's days. Really appreciate your work with the kids and their parents. Have a great summer.”