Some adult clients already sense the underlying cause of their anxiety whilst for others, it's less obvious and takes a little longer to unravel. For example, earlier losses from significant life events like moving house, bereavement and relationship breakdowns can have a cumulative effect upon us and we may not have even noticed feelings of these old losses being triggered by something which appears relatively minor. Or we may have unresolved childhood issues which are stopping us from moving on healthily.


We rarely allow ourselves time to reflect quietly.  The relationship between therapist and client is very different to those in other areas of our lives. Your therapist is separate from your day-to-day life.   Acceptance is unconditional and there is no need to be afraid of saying the 'wrong' thing.  Because of the trust that is fundamental to the relationship between therapist and client there is the opporunity to explore real feelings rather than those we have adopted in order to survive in a complicated world.